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Propofol Dreams App

Propofol Dreams is designed to help anaesthetists minimise propofol wastage during intravenous anaesthesia.

Volume Estimation Mode

Volume Estimation mode estimates how much propofol will be required based on the Marsh model using patient weight, duration of surgery and the average depth (CpT) required. This guides how much propofol to draw up before starting a case.

Paediatric EstimationMode

Paediatric Estimation mode estimates the propofol volume required for children age 16 years and younger using the Paedfusor model.

Duration Estimation Mode

Duration Estimation mode estimates how much more anaesthesia time that 20 or 50 mL of 1% propofol will provide at the current infusion rate. This guides how much propofol to draw up towards end of the case.

Wasted propofol can persist in water and soil and is extremely toxic to aquatic life.

Propofol Dreams App is designed by Eddy “The Matilda” X and @Propofoldream

Propofol Dreams App was coded using Google AppSheet. You may notice there are permission requests (e.g. NFC, etc) by the App. These features are native to Google AppSheet and we do NOT actually use any of them in Propofol Dreams and we do NOT collect any identifying information from you. Embarrassingly, we just don’t know how to disable these features within Google AppSheet. Sorry for the inconvenience!! Click here for the full Privacy Statement.

Acknowledgement to Terence Luk’s SimTIVA and Steven Schafer’s STANPUMP.

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For support, feedback or comments about the Propofol Dreams App, please


twitter: @propofoldream

IMPORTANT NOTE: All calculations of drug volumes and dosages are for teaching purposes with respect to environmental sustainability in anaesthesia ONLY. Propofol Dreams does not calculate drug dosages for patient care and therefore does not replace infusion pumps. The user assumes all risks if using this App beyond its intended scope.